Who we are


Marte Multimedia is a family owned business established with its partners since 1999. They are a dynamic marketing firm based in New York City providing promotional solutions and cultivating iconic corporate images to clients all across the United States. Marte Multimedia (MMM) utilizes an efficient, collaborative team delivery system that allows for superior levels of service every day. With its history of successful project based campaigns, Marte Multimedia has become a proven industry leader.


The founders and staff at Marte Multimedia have watched the city change and grow. Their loyalty to businesses translates to working partnerships with their clients. Whether you‘re a startup or firmly established business, Marte Multimedia can pave a comfortable path for your growth and prosperity.
Delivering success, not just services One-Stop shopping
MMM will work with you to understand your goals for the future, develop a strategy for achieving them and drive a stake in the ground so you know when you‘ve arrived. Brand development and promotional campaigns can be a daunting task. The project approach taken by MMM will ensure that the goals are clear, measurable and achievable. Every project will adhere to proper budget and timelines delivering amaximum return on your Investment. With a clear project roadmap. MMM makes it easy to achieve your goals. With a wide range of tools at their disposal, they can provide the perfect mix of services making each one more powerful than if they stood alone.
Competitor knowledge Business just got personal
ln this economic climate, MMM knows that competition is fierce. They make it their business to understand YOUR industry, YOUR competitors and YOUR customers. This breadth of knowledge will help you transcend your competition and win your customers for a lifetime. There's no market like New York City and the seasoned professionals of MMM know its pulse. MMM measures their success by measuring your success. They have taken the time to understand your goals and have a vested interest in you achieving them. Working with MMM makes you a partner, not a number.


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